Karaoke Booth - From £4295

  • Quick and easy to transport and setup by 1 person - lightweight aluminium booth​ - panels can be custom branded as shown*
  • Record video clips of karaoke performances.
  • All equipment included and pre configured.
  • Can be upgraded to convert into a photobooth or videobooth
Karaoke Booth 

The karaoke booth includes everything you need to begin offering a karaoke service, but with the added benefit of video recording their performance. The physical booth structure is made from 28 individual extruded aluminium components, with a black drape on the back wall, red drape on the interior and a total of 8 black foamex panels forming the remaining walls of the booth. Finished off with a red curtain the booth looks fantastic at any venue. The whole booth can be setup by 1 person in an hour and easily fits in a hatchback type car or van. Easily fitting into any venue through standard door opening.

The supplied electronics are all preconfigured and ready to be used. A selection of karaoke tracks is supplied, with the installed software allowing you to create your own tracks. Full instruction manual included.

We ship to the UK and accept all Major credit and debit cards.


Whats Included:


  • Intel i5 Laptop, 4GB ram, pre configured with Karaoke software

  • 22" Touchscreen Monitor

  • Canon 100D DLSR, remote control. 32GB SD card

  • 2 x Microphones and stands. 

  • Selection of 20 chart karaoke hits.

  • Active Speaker system with integrated LED lighting.

  • 6 Channel Mixer with FX such as echo/reverb

  • Aluminium Booth structure - Size 1.8M (Length) x 1.2M (Width) x 2M (Height)

  • 8 External black foamex panels*

  • 3 Internal black foamex panels* with 2 clear frosted acrylic panels

  • Black/red drape and red curtain.

  • All necessary cabling, allen key, shrink wrap roller.

  • Instruction manual. 12 Months free email and telephone support during normal office hours



Karaoke Booth Process

The physical booth structure and components are carried in stages to the place of hire. One person can easily do this. The physical booth is then assembled. All sections slot together and are fixed by using the supplied allen key. The front and end walls fitted with the foamex panels. The back wall covered with a black drape.

The internal equipment is setup and powered up. From the inside of the booth the customer sees the karaoke lyrics of their chosen track. 2 microphones on stands are available for guests to use. The customer request their choice of song from the operator and then start their performance. During this time their performance is being recorded to video. By simply adding a selection of funny props this will enhance the guests experience. LED lighting also enhances the experience.

All the recordings are stored on the cameras internal memory card and can be converted to a DVD and sent to your client after the event.

Software/internal components:​

The laptop comes pre installed with karaoke software. A selection of 20 current chart favourites are included to get you started, however 1000s more titles are available to purchase.

UPGRADE options:

Add instant recording to DVD, so individual guests can take home copies of their performances on the night.

Upgrade to a photobooth - contact us for details
Upgrade to a videobooth - contact us for details

Please note aluminium framework may be slightly different style to that pictured.

*Custom coloured/branded panels available at extra cost.